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School of Fish


School of Fish is our learn to swim programme

Lessons take place on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Our lessons run according to the Swim England (formerly Amateur Swimming Association) guidelines and are designed to work on swimmers confidence, versatility skills and endurance. The various levels of achievement are listed below…

Read about Levels 1 to 7

Level 1 - Starfish

Level 1 – Starfish
This class is for the absolute beginner and children who have just turned three. This level helps the children to gain water confidence and the basic skills of kicking on front and back, pulling and experimenting with jumping in.

Level 2 - Shrimp

This class is for the more confident children. Within this class we build on the basic skills from the Starfish class and work towards reducing the aids the child swims with.

Level 3 - Angel Fish

The children progress on to being able to do basic over arm swimming on their front and back, introducing breaststroke and adding new skills such as treading water, mushroom floats and fully submerging.

Level 4 - Clown Fish

This level is designed to introduce breathing to the side on frontcrawl, the full breaststroke and increased stamina as we work on longer distances than the Angel Fish class. We also introduce more fun skills such as sculling, sitting dives and retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool and more.

Level 5 - Puffer Fish

Within this class, children practice swimming two widths at a time to improve stamina. They look at improving strokes and introducing fly kick with many new skills such as forward somersaults and straddle jumps.

Level 6 - Piranha

This class works on lengths and increased distances for stamina, They also work on drills to increase stroke technique on all three strokes. Everyone takes diving up a stage to a standing dive.

Level 7 - Swordfish

This class works mainly on stamina and stroke development, to perfect all strokes. Butterfly arms are introduced and we also look at backstroke starts and tumble turns.

How the programme works

Each School of Fish session lasts for a term, after the term we will assess the development of your child before deciding on whether they are ready to move onto the next level or whether they need to continue to develop their skills on their existing level. Prior to starting the programme each child will need to have a water test so that we can ascertain which level they should join at.

For those who have moved through the programme there is a 1-hour Friday development session which is designed to develop individual skills, either for competition or just further development.

Days and times

School of Fish is held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 4.00pm – 6.00pm and Saturday mornings between 8.30am – 1.30pm. The exact day and time will depend on the class you are joining. Starfish, Shrimp, Angel Fish, Clown Fish and Puffer Fish are 30 minute sessions whilst Piranha and Swordfish sessions are 45 minutes. The Friday development squad is 6.00pm-7.00pm.


Prices for the next term for the 30-minute sessions (Starfish, Shrimp, Angel Fish, Clown Fish and Puffer Fish) are £7.00 each. Prices for the 45-minute sessions (Piranha and Swordfish) are £10.15 each. Each term is paid for in advance at time of enrolment.

The Friday development sessions last for 1 hour and are priced at £14.00 per session. Each term is paid for in advance at time of enrolment.

We also offer Rookie Lifeguarding Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards. As a Rookie you will learn lifesaving skills to help yourself and know what to do if others get into difficulty in the water. The award contains survival, rescue and sport skills as well as life support and water safety.

School of Fish

DurationPer Lesson
30 Minutes£7
45 Minutes£9.95
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