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Fitness Classes

Please note we have a Health & Safety policy in operation, be sure to read it before attending your first exercise class. If you would like to see another exercise class, or would like to see a class at a different time of the day/week, please ring 01234 291777 or email us at

Note: There will be no Pilates between the 6th May and the 12th May


10:45-11.45 Pilates with Jane

18.15 -19.15  Yoga with Mo


10.45-11.30 Aqua Aerobics with Evie

18.45-19.45 Yoga with Mo


09.15 -10.00 Pilates with Jane


11.00-11.45 Aqua Aerobics with Evie


Book a session

Our 45 minute classes are £4.50, 60 minute classes are £5.50 and our 75 minute classes are £6.80.

Family Badminton every Wednesday!

We will be offering all four courts at the following times every Wednesday.

Each court will cost £15.00 for a 60-minute session. We would offer £25.00 if you decide to use 2 courts.

We will not be able to hire out any equipment, we are asking all customers to bring their own.

For more information please email