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Trinity Swimming Pool

The 25m, six-lane swimming pool at Trinity Arts & Leisure is open throughout the year for public use.

The pool uses a combination of conventional chemicals and an Ultra Violet system to disinfect and sterilise the water. The UV system enhances the clarity and cleanliness of the water, allowing us to reduce the amount of chlorine used by up to 75%. As a result there is less damage to your hair and skin, and the smell usually associated with chlorine pools is eliminated.


Coylah and I would like to thank your wonderful team of lifeguards, technical staff, and Amanda for all the help you offered during our show week at Trinity. Amanda was so helpful with any issues that we came across, and we cannot thank her enough.

Anna, The Other Miss W


Thank you so much for your help and support during our summer scheme. The children and staff loved the pool and are already asking to come back next year!
Liz and the Autism Bedford team