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Customer update

Trinity Swimming Pool

Closures Announcement

The following closures will be taking place at Trinity during the month of October. Please read all the information below carefully and if you have any queries please ring or email the Trinity office at 01234 291777 /

15th – 23rd October 2022

Our Sports Hall will be closed for a 9 day period due to building works taking place on the roof. During this time we cannot take any bookings for this space.

26th October 2022

Full Site Closure: On this singular day in October our whole site will be closed. This is due to the electrics being turned off on site for the full day. There will be no activities taking place in Trinity on this day, including any bookings, swimming or gym use.

31st October – 5th November 2022

Our 1st floor communal showers and disabled toilets are being renovated during this week. What this means is that the showers, disabled toilet and baby change area will unfortunately be out of use whilst this work is being completed. We know this may inconvenience some of our customers so we would like to apologise in advance for this.

You can still swim with us during this period as we have multiple changing rooms, toilets and showers in our basement change area. However these are not adjusted for disabled access.

10th November – 11th November

Following the refurbishment of the communal shower area, we will also be redoing all our basement floors. During this two day period the whole basement level will be closed off from the public, so customers will have to use alternative options for changing facilities and toilets, these are:

-First floor changing area

-Ground floor entrance toilets

We are aware that there have been many changes recently within Trinity and we want our customers to know that these changes are put in place with the intention of improving your overall experience in our centre.